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As businesses are starting to progress online, we figured a way for them to create new digital content by executing production shoots that ensures safety despite the COVID-19 scare.


The New Monarq Online Fix is our digital solution to acquire professionally made production shoots with minimum interactions. Our in-house creatives team composed of less than 5 professionals will be multi-tasking to deliver stunning and amazing results following the desired concepts sent online. Our goal is to help maintain the marketing efforts of businesses going despite the pandemic struggles.

Protect your business while functioning in social distancing.

how will it work?

how will it work?

how will it work?


online meetings

Pre-production discussions

will happen via email or whatsapp.

picking up products

Our team can drive to your office to pick up the products needed for the shoot.


A small team of less than 5 professionals will do a photoshoot following the creative directions set by you.

turn over of


Photos will be uploaded online where it is open for you to download all the photos.

advantages of the

new monarq online fix

Small production team.


A job made for a big group can be done by less than 5 people. This set up reduces the chances of catching the virus. The goal of the program is to ensure the safety of all parties while creating a production shoot for new online content. 

All arrangements for the shoot will

be done online.


Despite taking precautions by distancing from one another, we can connect online to achieve a campaign that speaks your brand. We can help you shoot your desired content that is eye-catching to your audience.

Fast, easy, and reliable online content

solution without compromising safety.


Keep your online presence going to sustain your business in the market. Achieve an online content that looks professionally done without risking anyone’s health. In this new normal, we must keep up with the fast-paced online world.

Efficient way for you to continue your

social media presence.


Now more than ever is the right time to be fully active online. Most of the audiences spend more time online as their way of connecting. It is important to sustain your social media presence in a crowded social media space.



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