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Dear partner,

Let the spirit of love, joy and peace fill your hearts and homes this holiday.

The greatest gift New Monarq has received this year is the firm bond of each individual embraced by love that made everything possible this year. Fruits from the gift gave us exciting projects, greater number of models and most especially, a bigger family. Despite the challenges and the melanchodies along the way, we still see the reasons for happiness. 

As the season brings us closer, New Monarq wants to greet you a Merry Christmas! Thank you for every bit and pieces you’ve been doing and giving for us. May the remaining days of 2019 and also the next year to come, shower you blessings and triumphs.

With love,

New Monarq


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Celeberate Christmas

New Monarq Christmas 2019 

Photographer Dan Fugrad Art Direction Anton Patdu Makeup Boggy Diaz, Russel Bernales, Julia Pineda  Producer MV, Patricia Lacuest



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